Italy Study Tour 2019

On 12 April, Year 12 students embarked on a journey that was sure to inspire and enthuse. With Italy’s magnificent history and a culture few fail to fall in love with, Year 12 was indeed mesmerised.

Students visited Ancient Rome, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii, Montecassino, San Gimignano, Orvieto, Siena, Verona, Padua and Venice. Students embraced the breathtaking scenery, fabulous architecture and of course, the Italian food and gelato! Students also had their first experience in a Roman kitchen, learning the secret to artisan pizza.

Students surrounded themselves with the greatest collection of art, architecture and UNESCO World Heritage sites that were unbelievably breath-taking.

From classic archaeological sites to nature reserves, medieval villages and stunning coastal scenery, Venice, the City of Canals and Bridges, was definitely a favourite because of its iconic labyrinth of waterways, cobbled lanes and gondola rides.

Italy’s rich culture and history enabled our Historians to explore Rome and Pompeii’s fantastic archaeological wealth. It also enabled our Religious Education students to explore each Basilica’s, Duomo’s and Cattedrale’s own unique history, identity and purpose and finally our Language students the opportunity to practice their language skills in a real world context, immersing themselves in Italy’s vibrant culture.


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