Young Women’s Leadership Seminar – 19 October 2016

Young Women's Leadership Seminar - Students Janeille Rigava and Michelle Francisco with Bianco NoGrady, key note speaker for this event.

Michelle Francisco and Janeille Rigava accompanied by Mrs K Marcellienus attended the Young Women’s Leadership Seminar at the Parliament of NSW, Sydney.  The focus of this seminar was to discuss the concepts and definitions of leadership and issues that might affect women in leadership roles.

This was a opportunity to meet inspiring women like Bianca NoGrady, a Freelance Science Journalist, broadcaster and author who was the key note speaker for this event and the Members for Miranda, Eleni Petanos and Granville, Julia Finn.  Students were taken on a tour of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council and were able to observe both Houses of Parliament in session.

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