National Titration Competition

On Saturday 10 September, our three titration heroes Namita Anand, Nireeksha D’Souza and Rhea D’Souza from Year 12 Chemistry competed in the RACI National Titration Competition at the University of NSW.
Here, 28 teams of the very best analytical chemists from 106 NSW Secondary schools met to decide who was the best in NSW. These top 28 had been selected from approximately 420 teams in the NSW State Titration Competition earlier in the year.
It was a gruelling 3 hour laboratory session as the participants had to calculate the concentration of a minute quantity of potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP) to four significant figures. Glassware clashed and brains bashed as they analysed their samples.
Our girls did very well, they ranked as a team of Excellence – 5th in NSW. Congratulations to them. Later in the year we will discover their National ranking.
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