HSC: All Saint’s motto inspires

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Taking the school motto ‘Striving for Excellence’ seriously has paid off for All Saints Catholic Senior College Casula students in their HSC year.

Year 12 graduates Ginna Tieu and Kathy Touma made the All Round Achievers list released by the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) after gaining marks above 90 in all of their courses. Miss Touma also placed in the State’s top 20 for Standard English alongside peer Christy Joseph. A further 104 students were named on the distinguished achievers list.

Principal David Fetterplace said the College staff were extremely happy with the students results, after 77 per cent of students gained Bands 4, 5, and 6 results in every paper sat.

The school draws a high number of students who count English as an additional language or dialect, are from low socio-economic backgrounds and have low NAPLAN literacy scores in Year 9. By the time they leave, Mr Fetterplace said they surprise themselves with their strong results.

“They tend to be well pleased with the results that they get and pleasantly surprised,” he said.

“We’ve got a very experienced, committed, knowledgeable staff who genuinely take the College motto ‘Striving for Excellence’ seriously. They expect the best out of every child and they get it.

“We treat the students as young adults. The relationship between teacher and student is all around mutual respect, and at the same time very high expectations.

“I think the secret to a really great school is balance. You have to be strong in everything, not just academic. We have a really strong service, social justice, sporting and extra-curricular record.

“It’s nice when you get the great HSC results and you still have all of those other things in place.”

quote-DOWNer-trans If you rid yourself of self-doubt and just put your head to it, a great result is really achievable. quote-UPUPUP-trans

– Georgie Anne Mansilongan

Georgie Anne Mansilongan gained an ATAR of 96.4. She put the result down to a friendly and well-resourced school environment.

“There’s a lot of cooperation,” she said. “Our library had up to date resources and rooms that allowed us to engage in group discussions and test each other. We were all motivated and everyone was there for each other. As we said it was like an Olympic team.

“There was just a tad of stress, but stress was a motivator as well. The HSC is really a challenge to your mental attitude. I feel like if you rid yourself of self-doubt and just put your head to it, a great result is really achievable.”

Nevin Guruge gained an ATAR of 96.3. He said plans to study Engineering and Science at the University of New South Wales.

“When I saw my ATAR I was really stoked,” he said. “Before I planned to enrol in a single Engineering course but because of my ATAR I can now do a double degree.

“Our school  has a nice environment, and great teachers who always help you. They know how to target students’ weaknesses and bring them up.

“To students who are pursuing an ATAR I’d say work really hard. It’s not about how smart you are, it’s about the amount of effort you put in.”

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