At All Saints Catholic Senior College the approach to wellbeing is based upon these beliefs:

  • Senior students are active partners in the development and achievement of their own wellbeing
  • Respectful relationships are the key factor in creating suitable learning environments for young adult learners
  • Wellbeing is central to learning and good teaching and learning contribute to wellbeing
  • Each student is unique and experiences life uniquely
  • Students can learn, and schools can teach, knowledge and skills that support the achievement of lifelong wellbeing


While all staff are focussed on student learning and wellbeing, the Pastoral Care Team has special responsibilities in this area. This Team is made up of:

  • The Assistant Principal (and Principal when required)
  • The Year Coordinators and Assistant Year Coordinators
  • The College Counsellor

The Pastoral Care Team provides pastoral leadership within the College. They are responsible for the effective operation of each year group and for the overall learning and wellbeing of students. This responsibility involves knowing the students and their families, managing the involvement of the Homeroom Teachers and collaborating with the Curriculum Team and members of the Leadership Team.

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