Mental Health

Many mental health issues become apparent during the  late teen years and is it a health issue the College is well aware of. All staff have undergone some level of training in relation to Mental Health and key staff, including the Pastoral Care Team, have a considerable amount of training.

What are the most common signs or symptoms of mental health illness?

Some of the more significant indicators of a possible mental illness include:

  • Marked personality change over time
  • Confused thinking, grandiose ideas
  • Prolonged feelings of depression or apathy
  • Feelings of extreme highs or lows
  • Heightened anxieties, fears of anger or suspicion; blaming others
  • Social withdrawal, increased self-centredness
  • Denial of obvious problems and strong resistance to offers of help
  • Substance abuse
  • Thinking or talking about suicide
  • Having trouble sleeping, or sleeping way more than usual


What factors influence Mental Health?



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