Driver & Passenger Safety Policy


The safety and wellbeing of students are a key priority at ASCSC. The College aims to work with parents/carers to ensure that students travelling to and from school, as drivers or passengers in private vehicles, are kept safe. Road accidents can be extremely traumatic for students, their friends and families and can seriously impact on a student’s learning for short or lengthy periods of time. The College recognises that it can play a part in helping to prevent such trauma. Maintaining a good relationship with our neighbours is also a priority. These relationships can be maintained by parking thoughtfully, driving quietly and safely and protecting the good reputation of ASCSC in the community.


This policy has been developed in order to:

  • Help keep students safe and secure
  • Clarify expectations and College rules surrounding students travelling to and from school as drivers or passengers in private vehicles.
  • Outline the standards the College will hold itself to in terms of educating students about driver & passenger safety.



… for applying for Permission to Drive, or Travel as a Passenger with a Student Driver, to School

  • Students who wish to drive to school are to complete a Driving to School Application Form and submit it to the College Office for approval.
  • The student and a  Parent/Carer must sign the Driving to School Application Form
  • In order for another student to travel in the registered vehicle with the registered student driver, a signed Passenger Application Form must be completed by the student and signed by both the passenger and a Parent/Carer and submitted to the office for approval.
  • The pass is for the journey from home to school and return to home only.
  • The student carpark is to be used responsibly and courteously.
  • Students are not permitted to drive or to transport passengers to any school excursion or sporting event.
  • Any breach of the NSW RMS  Road Laws by a student driver whilst driving to or from the College brings the reputation of the College into disrepute and may result in the driver privilege being suspended. Any breach of the NSW RMS Road Laws may also result in the student being reported to NSW Police Schools Liaison Officer.
  • No student is to park their vehicle in Hans Place or Tom Way, Casula.
  • The driving privilege and the use of the student carpark will be available to Year 11 students when all Year 12 students have completed their HSC.
  • Student drivers must be able to produce the ‘Driver Pass’ when asked by a member of the College staff.
  • Passengers must be able to produce the ‘Passenger Pass’ when asked by member of the College staff.
  • Any breach of the above conditions may result in the driver privilege being suspended.

…for Educating Students about Driver & Passenger Safety

  • At the end of the HSC, Year 11 students will be educated on the importance of the College’s above-mentioned procedures and the consequences of breaching them.
  • A Driver Education programme will be organised as part of BOTH the Year 11 and Year 12 Pastoral care programmes.
  • The College Diary will be updated whenever changes are made to this policy.
  • The College will respond appropriately to any incidents in a way that is designed to correct behaviour deemed to be in contravention of this policy.


…for Keeping Parents / Carers informed about the College  Driver & Passenger Safety Policy

  • Parents will be reminded regularly, via the College newsletter, of College expectations and procedures (as per this policy).
  • Parents of students who breach the policy will be contacted and asked to collaborate with the College in terms of an appropriate response designed to enforce the policy, and to keep their son/daughter safe.


…for Managing On site after School Events

  • When students are on site after hours they must have received a letter and returned submitted a permission slip (see sample in Appendix III) signed by themselves and a parent/carer
  • It is the responsibility of the organising teacher(s) to ensure that all students attending the after school event have returned the permission slip


Drive to School Application Form

Passenger permission

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