The Enrolment Policy for Sydney Catholic schools is set within the context  of  the  Church’s  mission  to  evangelise,  and is founded upon the Vision and Mission Statements for Catholic schools. Catholic schools have a unique role in helping families to nurture and develop their Catholic faith, within the context of their parish and regional communities. As inclusive and evangelising communities, they also welcome families from other faith traditions where this is possible.

All Saints Senior College, as a part of the Liverpool Parish, enjoys a special relationship with the Parish Priests and All Saints Catholic College, Liverpool (7-10). Enrolment from this College is generally automatic. Applications from other schools/Colleges, both Catholic and non-Catholic, are welcome and will be considered if they are willing to accept the principles outlined in this policy.




Enrolment Form 2020 Enrolment Policy EnrolmentTimeline_2018 (1)
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