Meeting the Needs of Young Adult Learners

All Saints Catholic Senior College caters exclusively for Senior students (Years 11 & 12) and, as such, is different to most other Colleges.
Every year students are surveyed when they enter Year 11 (Transition Survey) and again when they complete their HSC (Exit Survey). Consistently they comment on the following positive features:
  • Being treated as young adults
  • Mutually respectful relationships between students and their educators
  • A strong culture of learning and high expectation
  • beautiful grounds that are comfortable and calming located in a bush setting
  • Facilities (including a state-of-the-art Learning Centre) that meet the diverse needs of students
Below are some quotes from students describing the best things about College life.

Being treated as young adults…

quote-DOWNer-transYou are treated as a young adult which helps shape your identity and gets you prepared for the life after school and shows you how adults interact   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Blake Christodoulou

quote-DOWNer-transWhen you told us that you would treat us like an adult you meant it. I feel as though people actually are willing to listen and care about my opinion and look at me and treat me like I am an adult   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Jacquelyn Varghese

quote-DOWNer-transAs students we aren’t talked down to and there is a bit more freedom   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Carolina Kaslo

The dedicated staff…

Dedicated Staff

quote-DOWNer-transThe teachers are approachable and they actually care about our studies. They provide extra information and would dedicate their time to help us achieve the good marks and results they believe we deserve   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Jerramae Pechera

quote-DOWNer-transWhen I’m in trouble or in need of help, I can go to the teachers and seek help from them   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Georgette Eid

quote-DOWNer-transTeachers try to connect on a personal level   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Christopher Nepomuceno


The learning environment…

Learning Environment

quote-DOWNer-transOne thing I like about the Senior College is the fact that it consists of only seniors, giving an atmosphere which enables people to interact with our age group and focus on study with the help of peers   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Baby Virgo

quote-DOWNer-transBeing allowed to use our laptops during both lunch and recess in addition to being allowed to use them outside of the classroom. Personally I know it enables me to get more work done   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Bettina Rosch

quote-DOWNer-transThe library is a very great place that has a wide variety of resources that are a huge advantage to us   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Brooke Aoude


The College grounds…


quote-DOWNer-transThe natural environment surrounding the school grounds   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Benjamin Woolf

quote-DOWNer-transThe calm environment, the view into the woodlands   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Gerard Gacayan

quote-DOWNer-transThe trees are beautiful and I like the birds and it looks very nice and calming.   quote-UPUPUP-trans

Amanda Cataldo

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